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INTERXION HOLDING N.V. filed this Form 6-K on 08/02/2018
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contains restrictive covenants including, but not limited to, limitations or restrictions on our ability to incur or guarantee debt, create certain liens, transfer or sell certain assets and merge or consolidate with other entities. The restrictive covenants are subject to customary exceptions.

Revolving credit facility

On 18 June 2018, the Company entered into an unsecured multicurrency revolving loan facility agreement (the “Revolving Facility Agreement”) between, among others, ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Bank of America Merrill Lynch International Limited, Barclays Bank PLC, Citigroup Global Markets Limited and Crédit Agricole CIB S.A. as arrangers, and ABN AMRO Bank N.V. as agent, pursuant to which a €200.0 million revolving loan facility (the “Facility”) was made available to the Company.

The Facility has an initial maturity date of 18 June 2023. The Facility initially bears interest at an annual rate equal to EURIBOR (subject to a 0% floor) plus a margin of 2.00% per annum from the date of the Revolving Facility Agreement, subject to a margin ratchet pursuant to which the margin may increase thereafter on certain specified dates and subject to a maximum margin of 3.50% per annum. In addition, the Company is required to pay a commitment fee computed at the rate of 30% of the applicable margin on any available amount under the Facility.

As of 30 June 2018, the Facility was undrawn.



Related party transactions

In the second quarter of 2018, the Board of Directors approved the initial award of 39,311 performance shares to certain members of key management, excluding the Executive Director. Furthermore, both the Board of Directors and the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approved the final performance share award of 60,060 performance shares to the Executive Director, related to the performance period from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015.

On 29 June 2018, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders approved to award restricted shares equivalent to a value of EUR 40,000 to each of the Company’s Non-Executive Directors.



Correction of errors

During the preparation of the 2017 annual consolidated financial statements, the Company became aware that the share-based payment expenses have not been properly recognised in accordance with IFRS 2, resulting in an understatement of such expenses in its Consolidated Financial Statements over 2014-2016, which corrections have been assessed to be immaterial to each of those prior periods. The errors have been corrected in the 2017 20-F, as filed with the SEC on 30 April 2018, by restating each of the affected financial statement line items for prior periods.

Certain of the comparative financial information for each of the three-month and six-months periods ended 30 June 2017 included in the Condensed Consolidated Interim Income Statements and Condensed Consolidated Interim Statements of Comprehensive Income within these condensed consolidated interim financial statements have been restated to correct for the error, which amounted to €0.7 million and €1.2 million in the three-month and six-months periods ended 30 June 2017, respectively.



Interim Report: Three-month and six-month period ended 30 June 2018

These Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements are unaudited